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In 1998, Dr. Jane A. Lyons founded Reserva Las Gralarias when she purchased an initial parcel of land near Mindo, Educador. She moved to live full-time at the farm in 2003, and in the next yReserva Las Gralarias topo mapear began serious, proactive re-vegetation work on the 7.5 hectares comprising the farm at that time.

In 2005, the Las Gralarias Foundation was created by supporters in the U.S. to help sustain the work of Reserva Las Gralarias, and with the foundation’s support the reserve has grown from 7.5 hectares of farm land overrun with invasive African Honey Grass to 425 hectares of prime Ecuadorian cloud forest habitat.

The Las Gralarias Foundation is a registered 501(3)(c) foundation. All membership funds and contributions are tax-deductible in the United States. The foundation  expends 100% of its donation dollars toward supporting Reserva Las Gralarias.


The goal of Las Gralarias Foundation Inc. is to raise funds for projects and programs of Reserva Las Gralarias, located in the parish of Mindo, Ecuador, including the purchase of adjacent and nearby lands that will enhance protection for rare and endemic birds, plants and other animals as well as support reserve management, reforestation efforts, biological research, environmental education projects, scholarships, and appropriate tourism programs.


The Las Gralarias Foundation Board of Directors includes the following, with founding members denoted with an asterisk:

  • Tim Krynak, MS, President (Ohio)*
  • Jane A. Lyons, PhD, Vice-President (Ecuador)*
  • Katherine Krynak, PhD, Secretary (Ohio)*
  • Jo Ann Kubicki, Treasurer (Ohio)*
  • Mary Ann Beauchemin, MS, Membership (Texas)
  • Nancy Charbeneau, MLA, (Texas)*
  • Bob Barth, PhD, (Texas)*
  • Noreen Damude, MSc (Texas)*
  • Jeffrey Miller, PhD, (Oregon)*
  • Shamus Terry, MA (Wisconsin)*
  • Edward Krynak, MSc (Michigan)


The Las Gralarias Foundation also enjoys the support of various people who value the mission of LGF and the ongoing work of Reserva Las Gralarias. These include:

  • Francie F. Bolter, EdD, Communications Coordinator, Webmaster, and Editor of The Chirp (Arkansas)
  • Roy Averill-Murray, MS, Co-editor of The Hum (Nevada)
  • Laurie Averill-Murray, MS, Co-editor of The Hum (Nevada)

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