Environmental Education

The Las Gralarias Foundation is proud to support conservation education from grade school through graduate school. Our support of environmental education encompasses many activities, including conducting conservation-focused programs in school classrooms and nature centers, donating classroom supplies, providing scholarships for continuing education at the elementary and university levels, and offering small research grants for graduate students from Ecuadorian- as well as US-based universities. 

Jessica and Katherine

Jessica and Katherine identify aquatic insects as part of the water monitoring program at Reserva Las Gralarias

Beginning in 2014, the Las Gralarias Foundation has teamed up with Grand Valley State University (GVSU) in Michigan to host a study abroad Tropical Ecology and Conservation program. This study abroad course runs every other year and blends field ecology with cultural studies as an exciting introduction to the multi-faceted field that is conservation science. The students of GVSU have created a long-term water quality monitoring program at Reserva Las Gralarias that will help us to protect the wealth of wildlife that call Reserva Las Gralarias home.

In addition, through volunteer visits at the local elementary school, Escuela Rio Tumbez, and involvement of local budding scientists in research at Reserva Las Gralarias, Las Gralarias Foundation is supporting future generations of environmentalists, biologists, conservationists and eco-tourism guides in Ecuador.

Escuela Rio Tumbes students out birding

Escuela Rio Tumbes students out birding

At Escuela Rio Tumbez, foundation volunteers help to excite young students about the amazing biodiversity of their own backyards. Short lectures and species identification-focused field programs which involve youngsters in activities like spotting birds, catching bugs, and finding tadpoles all help to make those crucial connections between kids and nature. Further, by involving young men and women in research at Reserva Las Gralarias we introduce students to career fields in biological sciences and ecotourism.

If environmental education is your passion, consider volunteering or donating to Las Gralarias Foundation to help support our conservation education efforts. 

Contact Katherine Krynak at kkrynak@gmail.com for more information.


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